Can I buy a ASEC voucher with confidence?

Yes you can. Your credit card details are transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. We dont store your credit card number on our servers or anywhere else.

What happens after I purchase?

Within a few minutes youll receive an email confirming that your transaction has completed. When the discount reaches the minimum number of buyers, you will receive another email indicating that the discount is on.

When can I use my voucher after purchase?

Vouchers will be available for redemption within 24 to 48 hours after the discount ends. Well email you to notify you when that happens, too!

Why does it take 24-48 hours for me to get my voucher after the discount ends?

After the discount ends, well need to make necessary arrangements with the retailer to prepare them in welcoming you. ;) Rest assured that well do whatever it takes to speed up on releasing your voucher(s) so that you can start enjoying them quick!

What if I buy as a gift?

When you buy a voucher as a gift, as soon as the deal reaches the minimum number of buyers, you will be able to see it under My groupons. Gifts will be marked as gifts, and you will be able to either email the voucher to your friend or print it out & put it in a pretty envelope!

What happens if the discount doesnt reach its minimum number of buyers?

If the deal does not reach the minimum number of buyer after time runs out, you will be refunded the full amount you paid within 14 working days.

Ive gotten my ASEC voucher! How do I use it?

Easy. You print it out, bring it to the retail outlet and redeem it.

Do I have to use my ASEC voucher immediately after purchase?

Nope. All ASEC vouchers have an expiration date with lots of time for you to redeem them. Please refer to the individual vouchers for expiry date and terms & conditions.

What if I photocopy my ASEC voucher and circulate it?

Each ASEC voucher comes with only one unique serial number. Once that number is redeemed, it is not valid anymore.

The ASEC voucher carries my name. Are my ASEC vouchers transferrable?

No. ASEC vouchers are generally not transferrable. Retailers have the right to check and disallow the redemption of the voucher if the voucher is redeemed by a different person.