BLEACH can induce FATAL

BLEACH Disaster to Everybody

Usually housewife use bleach at their house for cleaning purpose. Most of them do not know bleach can create something obstructive to them if use in large amount and wrong way of handling it. Let’s go through the safe handling of bleach.

How to handle bleach:

1. Keep your place ventilate either natural or mechanical ventilation

2. Wear safety goggle to avoid contact through eye

3. Wear chemical resistant glove

4. If can, wear long sleeve or coverall to protect context with the skin. For extra can use chemical protective apron also

5. Finish using the bleach, please wash your hand or any part of body contact with the bleach vigorously

6. The best is go for shower

X-tra Tips

1. Do not contact bleach with metal object

2. Vapour can cause problem to person have respiratory system problem

3. Do not mixed with other bleach due to it will release toxic fume