Course Overview

Accidents happen at any time and emergency situation is chaotic. Any emergency that arises from an accident often escalates into a crisis affecting employees and the communities as well as the smooth operation of the company. This course will prepare the participants in reduce the impact of such an emergency situation.

Course Objectives

Completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare effective emergency plans
  • Develop the hierarchy of command
  • Lead and contribute directly in the event of emergency


  • Production / Line / Safety Managers
  • Engineers / Executive
  • Safety and Health Committee Members
  • Emergency Response Team Members
  • Ground workers

Entry Requirements

  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Experience being an ERT is an advantage and highly recommended

Training Approach and Methodologies

A good blend of Theory and Practical Session where at least half of the time the participant will be on the run. With the help of multimedia presentation e.g. slides show, video clips and lively and humor presentation from our trainers, participants are guaranteed a fun, refreshing yet informative training experience.

Sufficient practical material for each and every participant make sure every of them have a hands on experience to acquire the skills needed to perform the life saving task.


Having completed and passed the course, participants will be awarded with Certificate of Training.