F.I.R.E for ALL

Communication is a process of information exchange between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Communication is also known as one of the pillars of crisis management. From here, we can say that it is such critical to know how to communicate in case of the fire incident. How many of us really have a clear idea of what to do when we see a fire? On top of everything, do stay calm and do not hesitate to extinguish the fire while it is in an early stage.
Imagine that, we are in the middle of working time and everyone is very busy completing tasks. Usually, it is either the smoke detector trigger the alarm or we get to smell the burning things through the smoke releases.
First of all, do find the location of the fire. There are several ways to locate the fire, an example refer to the fire panel to find the area of the triggered smoke detector. Other than that, we may follow the smoky smells direction to find the origin of the smoke. Upon finding the location of the fire, inform others to let them aware that there is a fire incident near to their work area.
Again, informing others is not to create a hectic and chaotic situation, it is only to keep them aware to stay focus for the next instruction. One way to inform others is by shouting “Fire! Fire! Fire!” If the fire is spreading and getting bigger, briskly break the fire glass to trigger the alarm so that those in the affected area including us may start to evacuate.
The first first responder is the term used for a person who faces the incident at an early stage. It is our responsibility as the first first responder to restrict the fire from spreading.
Grab the nearest fire extinguisher and calmly approach the fire. Focusing at the base of the fire so that we are able to prevent the fire to spread.
Applying the correct technique of handling fire extinguisher, try to extinguish the fire. Basic PASS technique is widely known to be applied while using the fire extinguisher to offense an early stage of fire. Every responder should know our own limitations, as the fire is growing bigger please help our own self to safer place instead of risking our lives to put off the fire.
Different kind of approach will be used for such complex situations. As for us, it is best to call 999 to get assistance from the authorities. 
In conclusions, each of us may bring a difference if we are well aware of the situations surrounding us. Basic emergency response training and education are essential in this millennial era. New inventions and technologies created every day to enhance the productivity of our life. However, are we prepare for the treats and risks that come along with these enhancements? Helping ourselves with some basic skills and knowledge is not only applicable to our workplace, but it is also important to be spread within our beloved home sweet home.