Fun Fact about FIRE

1. Fire is a chemical reaction that releases light and heat.

2. Fires can be stopped in 3 different ways: Removing the fuel source by isolating it or taking it away. Removing the oxygen by smothering the fire. Reducing the heat by cooling it with water.

3. No one knows who invented the fire hydrant, because its patent was destroyed in a fire in 1836. However, the credit is given to Frederick Graff.

4. You can start a fire using ice. But you need to carve the ice into sphere or magnifying glass like shape and put under sunlight.

5. Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill. The steeper the slope, the faster the fire travels. This is because of convection of heat.

6. The heat from a fire alone is enough to kill. It can get as hot as 315 degrees Celsius (0C) at eye level, hot enough to scorch your lungs if you breathe it in and to melt the clothes you’re wearing into your skin.

7. A single fire hydrant in San Francisco survived a massive earthquake in 1906 and aided fire fighters in saving the Mission district. The hydrant was painted gold in memory of the event.


8. Amazing fact is that more people die from smoke inhalation than flames. Fire can suck all of the oxygen from a room and fill it with poisonous smoke and gases before flames even reach a room.