No seat for staff in developing a company Emergency Response Planning?

Emergency Response Planning (ERP) for a company usually established by a company in the sense of a requirement on the need of “waze” or “google map” that telling the direction on where to go when handling crisis or incident. Hence, the manual must be established holistically comprising the needs of the staffs, ERTs, Managements and other respective stakeholders if any.

Some company already had established their manual, it is good ! For the sake of the company wellbeing and incident handling during critical time, it is an excellent move! Unfortunately, certain cases were identified that the process of developing the ERP Manual for a company only involved by the top management. Is it wrong? Give a guess.

It is not wrong. But, without the representation from the other level of worker, it might be the ERP created does not thoroughly discussed regarding its achievable or effectiveness on all staffs. It might sound perfect from the seat of the top management, but not to the others. The presence of staff in setting up a manual is needed. No need to have all, but at least, few representatives that can be the voice when discussing the point. 

Some companies know the effect if they are not ready to handle a crisis. They need to get ready for all the possibilities. They even actively train their ERT to create a superb team! But they left one aspect that might contribute to the severity of the crisis, A STAFF!

Staff should have a seat in developing or even review the manual. Their perspectives should be taken into consideration as this action would able to allow a company in bridging the gap presence. Try to think, if the action to be taken drafted by the thinking cap of top management, while in the real situation is, the staff is unable to do so, is the manual considered effective or reliable? In fact, in most cases, staff is the first person that found an incident, and usually they have no idea on what to do except report to superior. That is the only that they capable of. Sad isn’t it? That is the truth! From now on, let us give a change in our perspectives. All layers of employees is valuable and their presence with the managerial level in discussing plans might contribute to higher chances of effectiveness and holistically touched on every aspect. Act now, we still have time to change for the better future.