Propensities which will lead to private building fire

‘Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing’. This is a saying that can express our feeling to our very own sweet home. However, in 2018 there are about 410 cases of fire incident reported involving buildings in Malaysia. Most of the cases around the globe are due to habits of man ourselves. Let us together look at some of the common habits of us that can cause fire.

Top of the list is the usage of extension cords. Surely, every one of us have this appliances at our home. This appliance created to ease human task in term of supply connectivity anyhow it has its own cost. Usually, we connect all the electrical appliances to one extension at one time and each of connection may produce sparks hence, resulting to short circuit.

In order to avoid the overheating of the extension cords, just use them only when necessary. Leaving the appliances switched on at all time may cost us life and property. The other way is get the consultancy from the electrician or expert to add on the outlet instead of using too many of extension cords.

Apart of using of extension cords itself, it is advisable to let main electrical appliances such as microwave, oven, and refrigerator been plug in directly to main socket or outlet. Most of heat produce appliances use high amount of power. Avoiding to use extension cords may prevent from overload of power.

Quick tips for the appliances arrangement, avoid from putting the main appliances such mentioned before near to each other. This is due to heat release from these appliances, do allow the heat to be released so that the appliances will be functioning properly and safely.

In this millennial era, the situation urges people to work harder to sustain the living and lifestyle. Indirectly, majority of the modern family both husband and wife need to work. From this event, we can learn that most of houses been left unoccupied from early of the morning until late of evening. Question is, did us always remember to switch off the switches inside the house before we left for work daily? Even this thing looks simple but if something happens it leaves a complex effect to our life. Never ever takes thing for granted.

In conclusion, safety must come from ourselves first. Train ourselves and people around us to ensure the safety of our houses. Let us all lives safely and together realize the term of ‘Home sweet home’.