Real Life Stories

As we all know learning first aid and CPR always give benefits for our self, family, friends and others. Here are some real life story shows that we can save our loved one with the knowledge we learn on life saving.

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Save my best friends – Isabella Oosterhof

April 19, 2015, twelve-year-old Isabella collapsed while walking with her three friends along a trail. Isabella had a pre-existing heart condition and was scheduled for heart-valve surgery the following Friday. Her friends Hana, 11, Bella, 12, and Jessie, 15 knew exactly what to do. Hana ran back to the party to alert Isabella’s family, Bella call 911, and with the help of the dispatcher, Chris Perez, Bella and Jessie performed CPR until help arrived. “I don’t think I was really thinking; then after, we both kind of broke down,” Bella said, after she and Jessie performed CPR. “I just think Isabella is an angel put on Earth and she’s meant to be here.” When Perez told the girls they need to start CPR, Jessie who received CPR certification in her middle school health class noted, “I guess my training kind of kicked in and I just automatically began doing that. In the moment, it didn’t really feel like I was saving her life, I just felt like I was doing what I had to do.” Within five minutes, EMTs arrived and continued CPR, administering a shock from their automatic defibrillator. Shortly after, paramedics, Boylan and Doug, arrived to provide advanced cardiac support. They were able to restart Isabella’s heart and, later, transported her to Children’s Hospital in Seattle. “It was all about teamwork and performing well under pressure,” DeFazio said, adding that there was a chain of survival present from the girls, EMTs, paramedics, and the hospital physicians. “If any single one of these links failed, then Isabella wouldn’t be here today. Thanks to the heroic actions of Isabella’s three friends, the life-saving work of the first responders and hospital physicians, Isabella was saved and her family kept whole. Daughters save their mother – Heather Kelley On February 5, 2014, Heather Kelley was on her way to the Seahawks’ Super Bowl Celebration when her heart stopped on the sidewalk just outside of CenturyLink Field. Heather had just returned from the Super Bowl with her husband and told her girls they could skip school to go see the parade. While paramedics were ultimately able to restore her heartbeat, it was Heather’s daughters, Ryan and Taylor, who took the first steps to start what emergency responders call the cardiac arrest chain of survival critical steps that can mean the difference between life and death. “In that moment we knew through school and everything if it’s a heart thing, CPR can’t harm her, it can only help her. So I started CPR and my sister started calling 911,” said Ryan. Thankfully, a group of paramedics from the Seattle Fire Department were only 100 yards away when somebody ran to tell them that a woman had collapsed. Nearly six months after the incident, Heather reunited with her paramedic rescuers, Christina Dixon and David Van Velthuyzen, during Seahawks training camp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. “The most favorite part of my life right now is to be a mom, and they let me continue to do that,” said Heather.


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