Sleepless Night – Insomnia

Are you experiencing an occasional sleepless night? This condition is known as insomnia. Insomnia is a condition where lack of sleep is a regular occurrence characterized by an inability to either fall asleep or remain awake during the night. Most people do not get sufficient rest due to insomnia. They felt so sleepy during the day which interferes with their daily activity. Adequate sleep is critical to achieving optimal health because sleep is to restore our energy for the next day. Suffering from insomnia give a negative effect on our health and safety, it is useful to explore some of the causes and solutions for this problem.


Diet can be a primary cause of insomnia. Often caffeine consumption can cause insomnia. Everyone has a different capacity to metabolize caffeine, and some metabolize it very slowly.


Excitotoxins are chemicals that excite brain cells. Aspartame is a type of excitotoxins, an artificial sweetener. Aspartame is used in numerous diet drinks and sugar-free diet foods.


External electromagnetic fields can interfere with the body’s electromagnetic field, interfering with sleep. People with untreatable insomnia should consider the possible effects of nearby power lines, electric clocks near the head of the bed, electric blankets, and electrically heated water beds.


Chronic stress and emotional factors have been long known as major causes of insomnia. Stress and conflicts can disturb brain chemistry, and not only contribute to the development of insomnia but to the worsening of it as well. Chronic stress also can disrupt hormone balance and creates a damaging cycle of less sleep and more stress.

Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine use for health problems to suppress the symptoms. Unfortunately, drugs are toxic, and while they may address a specific symptom, they poison the entire body. Sleeping pills depress brain function, decreasing the amount of time spent in health-giving deep sleep. People can suffer withdrawal symptoms and become dependent on drugs.

What to Do?

It is especially important to address caffeine and sugar consumption and food intolerances as causes of insomnia. Keeping a careful remark of everything you eat and drink. For some, something as simple as reducing the consumption of caffeine and sugary drinks from their diet can cure their insomnia. Removing excitotoxins from the diet is a wise strategy. Since most of the processed foods, and many restaurant foods, contain excitotoxins, it is important to eat a diet of fresh, unprocessed, organic food like whole grains, raw vegetables, salads, and fruits. Meditating before you go to bed can be very relaxing and help for a night of better sleep. Lastly, keep your bedroom dark and well ventilated.