The Importance of Decontamination (DECON)

What is the meaning of Decontamination?

Decontamination is the process of the reduction or removal of the chemical agent. The area for this decontamination set up are in the warm zone and also need to consider the wind flow or direction. This process will be done by the decontamination team with few equipment such as water, mild detergent and brush. Decontamination also needs to wear the correct personal protective Equipment (PPE). This decon area set up also need to consider the contaminated water by standby the water reservoir. Contaminated water need to be sent to schedule waste or waste water treatment.


a) Technical Decontamination

It is a process to clean the person that is part of the entry person that handle and settle the spillage or leakage. 

b) Mass Decontamination

It is a process to clean the person that been done if a lot of people are contaminated. Water with spray pattern been setup at the both side left and right and the victim will enter this station and wash themselves. 

c) Emergency Decontamination

Emergency decon are the decontamination proces for the victim that can’t walk or unconscious condition. The victim will be carry out from hot area and to the team of decon will clean the victim and send for treatment or the medical team. 

What will happen when the decontamination is not been done properly?

Firstly, the secondary contamination will happen and the hot zone will increase in size.

Secondly, if during the decontamination process and the contaminated water not been control, it can cause harm to the soil and also the underground water drainage.

Next, the contaminated person also may develop chronic effect from the exposed chemical, this may take time to see the result of the chronic effect.

Next, if the victim still contaminated, the medical person or team can avoid or not accepting the victim for treatment.