The importance of fire detector at home

Fire at home or residences is no longer a foreign particular event in every community around the country. Malaysia has a wide range of residential building shapes and uniqueness by ethnic and cultural customs of the different architecture for example the traditional architecture using wood components and Board as the foundation walls and columns, especially rural population. As such, it is a leading cause of fire is larger due to the heavy fire load and sources by the architecture material and the building component itself.

Some even choose to live in urban area building such apartments or brick base construction which was built from bricks that is said to have slow run of fire spreading. However, the spreading can occur as a result of electrical appliances or material stored in the compound, especially equipment does not used or damaged in the store. It will give some rise to a condition called “Hording Disorder” which is a feeling of love to remove and throw the items that are damaged. Another cause of a situation like this is a case of increasing population density around the area and led to the decreasing removal of garbage and wasted area, especially in urban residential.

The impact of the disaster will not befall the residents of fire nor household it is causing loss of lives and destroying property and certainly will leave a very long and deep heart feeling toward family members and the community. Another cause of the incident is time related event. Time will play a very important role during the creation of the fire started. The level of awareness and sensitivity about the changing environment expected higher during the day compared at night because humans will normally started doing daily activities during the day and certainly more aware than the night time in which sleep and rest is priority. Furthermore, the sensitivity of fire and smoke less noticed at night because of those particular. Occurrence of the incident can lead to the creation of the fire level at the beginning of less noticed by household or by the neighbourhood around 

According to the statistics of the Malaysian fire and Rescue Department, fire occurrence show 2012 in around of Malaysia and from data and statistics showed the highest recorded was fire on the residence area due to lack of awareness of fire disaster.

One of the ways that could be done by the people or households is by early detection. Various tools can be used electronically with able to help detect the early stages of a fire at home for example smoke detectors or mobile “portable smoke detector” capable of detecting fire smoke and provides warning in the form of alarm sound. Awareness to detect the cause of the early fire phase is very useful to the community residents around, especially household during any fire event. There are some advantages of early fire detection. First, be able to warn neighbourhood especially to the population community itself about any fire from smoke generated. Second, can save lives with run out of the home or residence and be able to perform evacuation quickly with by alarm triggering. Third, early fire detection in early stage also can reduce the damage to property due to fire the fire early deletion. In this regard, early fire detection is very helpful in reducing fire disaster only a small investment that can save lives and property.